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How to Properly Freeze Strawberries — Strawberry and Other Festivals in CA

How to Properly Freeze Strawberries

by admin on February 5, 2013

Frozen Strawberries

Strawberries are fruits that are very delicate and it is almost a wonder

how come a fruit as delicate as a strawberry grows during the warm summer

months. Yes, strawberries are a plenty when it is summer time.


Unfortunately, the scorching heat of the summer sun can destroy the beauty

and taste of this delicate strawberry. This is the reason why we have to

find ways to be able to preserve its looks and taste as these two

characteristics of strawberries are both important depending on the kind

of recipes that we plan to prepare.


If you plan to buy some strawberries today but do not have the time yet to

prepare your recipe for it, you’re probably thinking about freezing them

first. Here are some helpful tips on how you can properly freeze your

fresh strawberries:


How to Freeze Strawberries without Sugar


Before buying strawberries, make sure to choose the ones that are fully

ripe, dark red and firm. Remove the stems and caps. Sort them out while

you wash them in running water. Avoid soaking them in water or else your

strawberries will lose its natural flavor and some of its nutrients. Get

your cookie sheets and arrange them in one layer. Once these strawberries

were frozen completely for about 24 hours, you may place them in flexible

freezer bags.


How to Freeze Strawberries with Dry Sugar Pack


Slice each strawberry in half and put them in a bowl. Once you’re done

slicing all the strawberries, sprinkle some sugar on top of your sliced

strawberries. Dissolve the sugar by constantly stirring. While stirring,

make sure to do it gently to avoid damaging the strawberries. Put

everything in a freezer container, see to it that it is being sealed

tightly and place it inside the freezer.


Preserving the Vibrant Color of Strawberries


If you want to preserve the vibrant color of your strawberries, freeze

them without any unsweetened pack. You can either slice them in halves or

pack them whole. You may also have them crushed and place inside freezer

containers. Cover these with water or you may use a strawberry juice. Do

not forget to mix with it some ascorbic acid in order to preserve its

color. Keep them sealed tightly before you place them inside the freezer.


How to Freeze Strawberries with Syrup Pack


You may slice your strawberries in halves or you can have them crushed

before placing them inside freezer containers. You can also freeze them

whole. When putting them inside freezer containers, make sure to leave at

least one half inch of headspace to make room for syrup. Keep in mind that

the freezer containers have to be sealed tightly. For syrup packs, you can

use either Pectin or just the Basic syrup.
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