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5 must see sights in California — Strawberry and Other Festivals in CA

5 must see sights in California

by admin on January 30, 2013

If you are seeking a holiday destination then California State has to feature in your list of options. Boasting of the Hollywood Bowl, one of the largest outdoor amphitheater as well as a cool terrain that expresses the expansive as well as the beauty of nature, California is certainly a top attraction state among the forty eight continental states. We take the liberty of looking into various towns in California, which we believe have got some of the most amazing activities, sceneries and breath taking views for you to enjoy your vacation trip.

  1. The redwood forests

Redwood Forest

This is the official state tree boasting of some of the greatest giant redwoods in the Sequoia national park being over 2000 years old. Redwood has been acclaimed to having some of the most diverse and interesting cultures in the whole of America. It has interesting activities such as one which allows you drive through a living tree with your family.

  1. Morrow Bay

Morrow Bay

During your travel towards the south, morrow bay is a nice place to stop by for site seeing and other interesting stuff. The best of the world in culinary arts is found in this state. The most talented world-famous chefs are practicing their skills in Morrow Bay. The food in this town is worth every coin; from the locally but famous sea food dishes to perfect scenery while sipping a cold drink is priceless.

  1. San Simeon

San Simeon Hearst Castle

If you can identify with history, then you definitely know the Hearst Castle built by William Randolph several years back. It has remained the face of san simeon for a long time now with amazing features. San Simeon is the home to wild zebras as well as beautiful beaches and restaurants. The moonstone beach for example has now designed a wooden walkway along the cliff of the beach. Adorable is an understatement! It’s simply breathtaking walking across.

  1. Disneyland


They say that there is no happier place than Disneyland. The eco-friendly is a place where children as well as the aged can relax and have fun. The young ones will really enjoy the scenery and several kids games which will leave them with an experience of a lifetime. Whatever the age group visiting Disney, the excitements as well as the atmosphere around Disney will most certainly feeling lighter and more relaxed.

  1. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Are you passionate about food? Are you a movie devotee? Are you a night life lover? Los Angeles has this and so much more. People who have been on a trip in California will most definitely tell you that there is simply no complete vacation trip without setting foot in Los Angeles. Being a movie capital in the world, the quality and latest movies are here! The best chefs have not been left out. They put their best arts together to give you cuisines that have not been tasted anywhere in the world. You most certainly want to recap your vacation in Los Angeles. It has never disappointed!

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