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5 packing tips for your California holiday — Strawberry and Other Festivals in CA

5 packing tips for your California holiday

by admin on February 1, 2013


Packing for a trip


If you’re holidaying in California any time soon then the first thing you’ll notice when you arrive in the stunning Golden State is the diversity of the various areas. From the gorgeous sands of Venice Beach to the wild-mushroom hunters in Santa Cruz and the San Diego skyscrapers there’s a huge variety in atmosphere and sights. This makes the destination perfect for every kind of visitor, whether that’s a group of work friends or a family with young children.


Depending on where you want to go in California, you’ll have to pack accordingly. However, here are five basic packing tips to get you started:


  1. Take the weather into account. If you’re travelling to the state over summer then sunglasses are a must- especially if you’re hiring a car as it can be dangerous to drive without them. Make sure you look for sunglasses with a UV Block. If you’re going during late fall or winter then it’s important to pack a jacket. Dress clothes may be needed, but once again pack these accordingly- if it’s going to be a warm summer night then a dress and sandals may suffice. 
  2. Take comfortable shoes for walking. Whether you’re planning on sticking to the beaches or want to spend the weekend at Disneyland, chances are you’ll do a fair amount of walking. Although wearing fashionable footwear might seem high priority in the fashion-conscious areas, it’s important to look after your feet.  
  3. Pack layers. California can be cold and foggy, or clear and sunny, but chances are at some point you’ll want more layers than you’re wearing. If you’re visiting the state in summer then it’s advisable to wear shorts and a t-shirt, and to also take a light jacket and a cardigan to wear in case the weather gets cooler. The evenings can often bring a chilly breeze. 
  4. Consider what the hotel already has and pack accordingly. One of the main things a hotel may not have is a hairdryer, so it may be best to pack your own. Bear in mind that the hotel may not have enough soap/ shampoo/ q tips for you, and take your own comb/ dental supplies/ skincare etc. Don’t assume that your hotel will provide a toothbrush and toothpaste so always take your own, and shampoo and conditioner are other essentials.
  5. Don’t forget necessary, seasonal toiletries. During summer make sure you pack sunscreen and Vaseline. You may want sensitive shower gel, just in case you get any sun burn, as well as After Sun or Aloe Vera gel. In winter a good moisturiser is advisable and you could take Vitamin D tablets along with you.


Bear in mind that another important item that often gets forgotten is electronic chargers, such as your phone charger, laptop charger and iPod charger. Pack a book or two to read on the beach and a camera is always advisable (you don’t want to forget those special moments!) The most important thing, as always, is to check the weather beforehand and pack accordingly. That way you’ll get the most out of your California holiday and have plenty of fantastic memories to take back home with you!


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