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Los Angeles Adventure Trip on Bicycle — Strawberry and Other Festivals in CA

Los Angeles Adventure Trip on Bicycle

by admin on May 15, 2013


When I think of adventures and trips what comes to my mind is beautiful sites, relaxing and enjoying the view. The trips I take involve a few of my friends and we use a car to go to all the places we want. I know you are thinking that is what we all do, right? Listen to this; some people in Los Angeles take adventurous trips throughout the city using bicycles. There are facilitators of the trips who also provide bicycles and water for participants who need them. One signs up and joins other cyclists who might be new to you and that makes it even more fun as you make new friends.

Los Angeles Adventure Trip on Bicycle

While some of us would find this a great challenge due to the cycling involved, this is a perfect way to tour Los Angeles as you get to stop in areas where cars cannot anytime you wish. A guide with vast knowledge of the city is allocated to you and he or she guides you through a fifty one kilometre journey. The trip takes you through the wealthy estates of Bel Air and Beverly hills where you get to see the homes of celebrities up close and even cross ways with them if you are lucky. West Hollywood is another place that most of us would wish to visit and you get to do so in this adventure. One gets to see TV studios, tourist links, the grove and the universal city walk. You can also decide to buy a few items at the designer shops like Cartier and Gucci amongst others

The trip wouldn’t be complete without you riding to the grey stone mansion where you get to walk around on the grounds and gardens for about an hour. You also get to ride on the historic route 66 also known as the main street of America or mother road. It cuts across many counties and covers 3940 kilometres. One then passes through UCLA, Westwood and the veteran memorial centre which was erected as an honour to the women and men who served the country.
The bike trip then sets you off to the famous Santa Monica pier and beach as well as promenade. Most cyclists stop at Venice beach where they see the canals, skate parks and muscle beach as well as have lunch.

No adventure in Los Angeles is complete without a stopping at the Marina del rey where you can visit classy restaurants (if they allow bikes), the fisherman’s village, Burton w chace park and the waterbus at the marina. Pacific design centre which is a design hub and Robertson Boulevard are among the last stops of the trip. If you happen to need a passport urgently, the Los Angeles passport site is the place to go. Many people have said the office doesn’t resemble a government office due to their efficiency and you can get a passport in a day! Bicycle adventure trips are so popular in the county that people spice them up by including overnight camps and now I understand why there are so many cycling clubs in Los Angeles.

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