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Welcome to Hauling Wood — Strawberry and Other Festivals in CA

Welcome to Hauling Wood

by admin on January 10, 2013

Hotel Hollywood

Hauling Wood or should I say Hollywood is home to the stars and to some of the most celebrated attractions in the world. While on their honeymoon HJ and Gigi Whitley named Hollywood. As fate would have it they were standing on the hills overlooking Hollywood when a Chinese man in a wagon pulled up. The man got out of his wagon, bowed and in a thick Chinese accent said, “Up early, work hard, hauly wood.” HJ Whitley had an epiphany and decided to name the new town he would soon build “Hollywood.” Holly would represent his British heritage and wood his Scottish. To learn more about the “Father of Hollywood,” and other dreams he lived visit Also look for the upcoming movie and be the first to visit historical Whitley Heights on you Hollywood vacation. You can even find the home they lived in on Whitley Terrace.

Hollywood is the town where dreams come true and everyone coming to California wants to experience the adventure first had. My favorite way is to walk among the “stars” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you time your trip just right you will be able to see one of your favorite actors receiving their star. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce provides you with exclusive access to events and activities in Hollywood that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to bring along a camera to capture the moment and also to take a picture of the world famous Hollywood sign.

For the best restaurants, the hottest nightclubs, the swankiest hotels and the most luxurious spas, Hollywood is your one stop shop. Whether you want to work, live or play, Hollywood can make all of your dreams come true. Welcome to Hollywood where a star is born every day!

Whitley home Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood offers great weather year round. Visitors can live large and get adventurous just like in Hollywood movies. Home to some of the most famous attractions and tours, your Hollywood experience wouldn’t be complete without seeing them! Take a tour of Hollywood on a hop-on hop-off double decker bus or visit the movie stars homes with a reputable tour company like Starline Tours. You’ll see the mansions of today’s superstars and Hollywood legends. The tour takes you by current homes of top stars like Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Dr. Phil, as well as former homes of super stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Additionally you will see the sights on Sunset Strip and Rodeo Drive. Tours depart daily from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. But if celebrities and movies are more your thing, you can take tours to Universal Studios or Warner Brothers Studios, or see stars immortalized in wax in a scene from your favorite movie at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Hollywood even offers a ghost tour. You will travel up Hollywood Boulevard and stop at various historic places to learn about ghosts, legends and current haunts of old Hollywood! Patrons of the Roosevelt Hotel have reported seeing the ghost of Marilyn Monroe in a full-length mirror, which was originally located in her poolside Suite 1200, where Marilyn often stayed.TThe mirror in which her image supposedly appears is now located next to the elevator on the lower level. Make your trip to Hollywood memorable in every way. As Humphrey Bogart said in the Maltese Falcon, “This is what dreams are made of baby.”

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